View Full Version : help with completing challenge for level 36!

05-16-15, 12:46 AM
How can i clear 15 jawbreakers to complete the challenge for level 36? Any tips or help is greatly appreciated! Thank you =)

05-20-15, 05:00 PM
In order to best this challenge, you'll need to focus on the Jawbreakers at the bottom of the level first. I'd also recommend focusing on matches made with candies that won't affect the Gummy Bear, as it can be tricky to clear enough Jawbreakers for this challenge without beating him. You also might want to focus on making Sugar Blast squares, as these will allow you to crack a large portion of Jawbreakers at one time.

This is a tricky level and it seems like the Evil Gummy Bear doesn't want you to finish your challenge. We know you can beat him, though! Good luck! :)