View Full Version : Goal glitch?

05-14-15, 10:28 PM
Hi, I'm at the point in the goal were I am making the bacon donuts. I made six, now making another six however the goal message that lets you see how many you have made and how many more to go and what award you get is not there. Something popped up when I first started to make the first batch but nothing is there now. Hope I am explaining the issue well enough. Pls let me know how to get it back. Thank you!

05-15-15, 10:59 AM
Hey there! We've taken a look at the account and do see that you have the Goal "Bacon Bonanza" and they are tracking your progress correctly. :) Could you please tap on the Goal Menu again and see if you see that Goal?

05-15-15, 12:48 PM
It came back but made me start over. I should have been done already. ��

05-15-15, 02:21 PM
Hey there! We saw that the 6 that had already been made have been recorded properly. As you were making another 6, it should update the total. If not, please contact support@storm8.com and one of our agents will be able to assist you.

05-19-15, 02:40 AM
similar thing happened to me with the bacon doughnuts.

I made so many once it was unlocked but then once the goal had officially been unlocked, only then could those doughnuts be accounted for.

No harm but just had to spend extra time.

I hope it'll get resolved soon

05-19-15, 09:18 PM
I finished the recepies of the fryier and when i fried the last they told me that the goal is expired! And didnt give me the price that i think is the bike. And send directly to the second goal.But i want the bike too! Please fix the glicth!