View Full Version : More s****s and less luck!

05-13-15, 03:24 AM
It's getting tedious with how many levels require luck rather than s****s. For example in many levels you're left without even a fighting chance due to the initial configuration. In one level which I had to play some 30 times, I noticed a pattern that would produce mostly unfavorable layouts, then once in a while have blocks line up to match at several key points. Even then the level was still a challenge, but with the unfavorable layouts I didn't have any chance at all!
I like a challenge, not mind numbing repetitions waiting to be lucky (not only limited to initial layout).
I realize that there has to be some kind of balance in a game like this, but I would be grateful if you would keep this in mind when designing new levels. This also applies to jewel mania, fish mania etc.