View Full Version : Please include countdown timer on special events

05-10-15, 08:14 AM
When I got home from work on Friday I got a pop up saying that if I got 22 bingos on New York that I would win gems. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get the pop up screen again to give me an update on the amount of time left (if any), even after force closing the game. I have no idea if the "two day timer" meant exactly 48 hours from when I opened it, or more likely, two days and a certain amount of hours since I'm sure I didn't open the game as soon as the event went live. Since there is already a countdown timer on tournaments, it seems like this should be able to be done. Also please include a running count of how close we're getting (i.e. 10/22). Perhaps these could show up in the goals and their would be an hourly countdown timer with it there?

Thank you