View Full Version : Level 465

05-09-15, 04:35 AM
Getting a bit sick of trying to complete this level. I've been at it nearly 3 weeks and always the same situation!
You have to clear 75 orange/brown candies, 100 green candies, some candy bricks (can't remember the exact amount) and 6 orange/brown gobblers all in 35 moves.
At the start there are always 3 gobblers on the board and another drops down sighing a couple of first moves.
The same thing now happens every time; I clear all the candy colours and bricks I need to and I'm usually left with around 16-18 moves. I don't go out of my way to clear the gobblers but I notice that as more candies drop onto the board they seem to do the job for me.
So, i have cleared almost everything, I have around 16-18 moves left every time and I'm waiting for the last 2 gobblers to drop on to the game board.
They NEVER do!!!
I have played this level every day using up the 5 lives (sometimes twice a day in fact so that's 10 tries per day) and every time it's the same; 2 gobblers just won't drop!!! So I use 18 moves just matching candies cos there's nothing else to do!!

I am getting annoyed but more importantly, I'm getting bored! I cannot control the software to give me these gobblers so why the hell is the game not doing so?! 😡😡

05-11-15, 10:57 AM
Sorry! Try making matches with more than three candies. This should increase your odds of a gobbler falling down. Good luck! :)