View Full Version : Computer Rooftop Rumble & move onto Ancient Pathways but get kicked back each time

05-06-15, 03:10 PM
Good afternoon. For some reason the program won't remember to advance me to the next island when I complete Rooftop Rumble and move on to Ancient Pathways. I have played & won the first level (476) of Ancient Patheays. But when I close the program & reopen to play again I get kicked back to Rooftop Rumble & the program says I need one more star to unlock Ancient Pathways. Is this a bug in the system? Thanks!

[S8] Walt
05-06-15, 06:24 PM
We've taken a look at your account and you should now have progress on level 474. With this progress you should be able to continue on to the next levels. :D Let us know if you continue to experience this issue.