View Full Version : Please detail point-earning!

05-06-15, 01:36 PM
I have no idea how earning points is calculated (other than ending with moves left is GOOD). It's hard to go back & get 3 stars on levels without understanding the scoring. And since I finished all the levels, all I have to do in the game right now is to go back and try for 3 stars. Please detail how points are earned!

Also, sometimes my matches shoot up a number but the monster takes less damage than that. Like the number will show 100 but the monster will only go down -55. Is that a glitch?

05-13-15, 01:41 AM
....does no one respond to these?

06-03-15, 10:29 PM
I have written directly to Storm8 support and they are VERY "tight lipped" about scoring.

When I first started playing this game I played each stage until I achieved 3 stars, until stage 66. I got too frustrated when I couldn't achieve the 3rd star, so I decided to move on with the game. I started taking screenshots of every stage that I defeat and also the team I used to win/beat the stage. A few weeks ago I went back to play previous stages to attempt achieving 3 stars on previous stages. I noticed that I was earning my 3rd star with a total score that was lower than my previous attempts at that stage which only garnered one or two stars. I wrote to support to ask them this and other questions regarding scoring in this game.

These are the responses I received from them: Thank you for contacting TeamLava support! Unfortunately, we're not able to share information with you regarding the scoring requirements in-game. You may play levels over again to attempt to get higher scores, but once you have received three stars on a level, you will not receive additional rewards for attaining stars when replaying that level. Additionally, your scores may be receiving different stars as more users play the level. We suggest visiting our forums

If you ever email support they will ALWAYS suggest that you should use the forums to get game play answers. As you can clearly see, the players of this game generally can't/won't/don't answer questions on here, for the most part.

If you have better luck getting scoring info please update your post so we can all "help each other " since support certainly won't.

12-14-15, 09:10 PM
I'm not sure if you have noticed (I accidentally picked this up recently) that if you touch the top left hand where your xp level is, it shows you puzzle attack vs pal attack score. Not overly helpful though.
Not sure if that's a new feature?