View Full Version : Time to say goodbye to castle story

05-05-15, 03:59 PM
I have been playing castle story for two years. All the buildings are fully upgraded. The stock of all the sources are enough for events. I till have so many permits for the next expansion. I literally own everything, except the Love Shack, since I played after Valentine's Day 2013. I wished CS could release Love Shack again so much in the last two Valentine's Days. Now all I want is that CS could let expand to the right bottom corner building and reveal the secret behind the kingdom. Unfortunately, especially recent world collection events, all I did was collecting and collecting for no reason. I think it is time to say goodbye to this game. I will come back maybe after one year to see how our main story is going. Hopefully we can see something exciting by then!

A glimpse of the crafting buildings.

My favorite buildings are the two winter bakeries and bountiful table.

Here are the animals. Lots of other interesting things are in the inventory. It is hard to find them.

I am at level 99 for bakery story and restaurant story. I quitted them at the beginning of this year, too. Thanks for all the fun I got from TL games!

05-05-15, 08:02 PM
We've had a fun 2 years together. All the best for whatever you end up doing. Remember to write down your password if you want to come back should you remove the app from your device just in case.

Good luck!