View Full Version : Sid drops parts equally each day

05-05-15, 08:46 AM
This issue is becoming very frustrating I need certain parts to expand but all I'm getting are nails nails and more NAILS and because I'm really hanging on expanding cause it will finally unlock some long awaited recipes I come back every 30 minutes when sid visits just so I can get up on all the parts I need and always all I get is nails seriously please make him drop something different
The rarest parts for me are shovel,blueprints and hammers
Start dropping different parts because I have over 38 nails and 38 wood

05-19-15, 10:09 AM
Same here. I've been trying to do an expansion to unlock recipes for several weeks and 3 levels now.

I don't mind progress being slower once you reach the higher levels but it should be difficult to expand - not impossible.

Methinks the flogging of the blueprints, hammers and shovels in the special offer packs means that Cid has been permanently 'discouraged' from dropping them for nowt ;)

05-24-15, 08:10 AM
Yer that 13th expansion to unlock those recipes I had been waiting to do for so long just was impossible because CID seem to only wanna drop nails but lately he's been dropping wood aswell and maybe a hammer if I'm lucky lol
But when that pack for 8 hammers 8 shovels and 10 seeds popped up I bought it just cause couldn't wait any longer lol $10.99 later finally expanded and go the unlocked recipes there ok not fantastic but oh well.
Me think your very very right I didn't think of it that way what better why to get money from people,good thinking and that's pretty wrong that there so set on getting money out of everyone.