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05-04-15, 07:35 AM
Some of my neighbors have multiple steeds. One even has six. How is this possible? Also I've saw a few with more than one pink alicorn. Can someone explain? Thanks.

kooky panda
05-04-15, 07:39 AM
I thought I had seen someone post that they were able to still craft additional ones. I will check on this.

05-04-15, 07:40 AM
As explained in the main thread for the steeds, additional horses can be purchased by buying the deeds in either the workshop or forge for 999 gems ...but (and this is important!), you have to do the additional crafts BEFORE the step that requires a visit to a level 5 stable. Once you visit that lv 5 stable, the crafting option disappears from both the workshop and forge.

Some folks have more than 1 pink alicorn because the quest first made its appearance LAST Valentine's (2014), where the Pinky was also offered in the market, in addition to the quest. This year, the quest wasn't available to those who did it last year, but Pinky also wasn't offered in the market for 250 gems, either.

Hope both of those clear up any confusion you may have. :)

05-04-15, 07:48 AM
It did. Thanks.