View Full Version : Install and Play Quests

04-28-15, 09:31 PM
I`m Missing the "Install ald Play Fashion Story: Pink Punk!" - Quest in PetShopStory.
I got this quest in all other of your games, and want to get this in PetShopStory to get gems, but its not listed in my questslist.

I`m Using:
- Sony Experia Z1 (C6903)
- Android: 4.4.4
- GameVersion: - PetShopStory - Renesaince

I tried selveral times to restart the game with different internet connections (WiFi,, GSM, VPN) but bnothing changed

04-30-15, 01:09 PM
Sorry to hear that! Can you please email support@teamlava.com so we can check out your account?