View Full Version : lvl 161

04-28-15, 04:07 PM
Ok, at first I need to get rid of 2 keys/locks in the bottom, and then blast 2 fishes that are behind pilars all the way in the top...

I really don't see how you can do that in 22 moves... Heck, I never even managed to get rid of 1 pilar...

Please, any tips?

05-01-15, 05:50 PM
Hi Anaboe,

Looks like you're experiencing some difficulties with Level 161, I was flying by and thought I can offer some words of wisdom =). Try to immediately concentrate on clearing out the anchors to get the Statues open for removal. Once you clear the Anchors to expose the pillars, start creating some Wave Combo's to get the Statues destroyed. Once you find your rhythm you will be able to clear the Blowfish in no time!

05-03-15, 12:47 PM
Sollution was a bit luck, and, after removing the anchors, concentrate on one side. It takes only the removal of 1 pilar to free the puf-fish. When you pop next tot that one, it will help greatly so you have a chance to pop the second one too :)