View Full Version : Lives refilled when levering up

04-27-15, 03:56 AM
A suggestion. Maybe lives be refilled when you level up. Thanks

05-05-15, 06:26 PM
Hmmmmm since it takes a full energy refill to take about 5 hours or so and about 45 minutes to blow through those lives and 2-3 sessions to complete a level, that could keep players playing for longer amounts of time. BUT if that were the case, how many people would throw money into this game, especially if they get free refills for the lower levels? Even if the energy was capped at 5 you could blow through the first three levels before hitting the wait. I am happy that you do get experience for redoing previous levels since I am the kind that cannot rest without getting three stars on each level. I did stop that for the moment to have something to do whilst awaiting future updates. Do not like the inability to get rares without gold. It seems like everyone gets the Red Bird and that is still my only rare. Gutted me when my "new" Pals were just bump-ups of my commons. Anyone up for a guaranteed rare for every 50 levels? :)