View Full Version : not getting bombs on evolving

04-23-15, 11:27 PM
i have 25 bombs (round ones) in my storage. i already got the radioactive dragon so not mining its green element now. i wanted to collect bombs for new release in mine... but now i am not getting any more bombs on evolving dragons !!! is 25 bombs, the max. limit to store them ??

04-24-15, 01:14 AM
Yes, 25 is the limit. My suggestion is to use bombs to get food and stay just below the bomb limit. Would be a waste otherwise

04-24-15, 07:34 AM
You've reached the max limit hence nothing more, you should stop evolving and use all your existing bombs before evolving more dragons

04-24-15, 10:09 AM
If you are like me and have a backlog of dragons for evolving, just keep a little head room for the new bombs. If you are evolving a 12 hour dragon that will give 3 bombs (you get one bomb per every 4 hours of evolving time) so keep your bombs at 22. I also schedule long evolves to coincide with the mine closing. I have a Titan evolving now (32 hours so 8 bombs) and 25 bombs saved up. When my Titan comes out tonight I'll have the 25 bombs I've saved plus another 8 to get me started on the new mining dragon.