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04-23-15, 04:36 PM
Hi there. So I have spent quite a bit of money on gold lately, to spend on speed breeding while I have the Diamond Temple. Anyways, I was trying to click on an egg to speed it up and it wouldn't take, so I kept pressing it and then I guess the game froze for a few seconds, Im still pressing on the egg, and then all the sudden the 'Buy Silver w Gold' page popped up along with the processing animation. Then my game crashed and I reopened it and Im missing 100 gold and Ive got about a extra million silver. So im assuming that while I kept pressing the egg while the game was frozen, the game somehow pulled up the 'buy silver' screen and since i was pressing in the spot where the egg was it ended up making a purchase instead. Im super P.O about this, I had NO intention of buying any silver and I feel as if I have been practically scammed out of 100 gold. This was by no means MY fault, the game froze and I want my gold back. I was planning on buying another chest of gold but there's no way Im buying more if bugs like this can so easily rob me of it, I work hard for my money. Thanks

04-23-15, 04:42 PM
I know how bad TL can be about refunding gold, and I have been such a good customer, I will be repulsed if I'm not rfunded.

[S8] Elsa
04-23-15, 04:45 PM
Sorry to hear about this. Please email support@teamlava.com for assistance. :)