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04-23-15, 12:21 PM
Went to play Christmas Bingo today and was told it was no longer supported. OK, no problem, reloaded regular Bingo, opened the game, was told "Here we go!" Clicked "Classic Bingo" and the Argmok Temple popped up with a big "Loading......" across it with a half full bar. After waiting a few minutes, I closed the app, deleted it from my iPad then reinstalled it. It still has a half full "Loading...." bar across it and I've let it sit for a half an hour now.

When do I get to play?

04-23-15, 01:07 PM
Well, 6th time and another half hour was the charm! Hard closed the game 6 times, deleted the game 6 times, reinstalled the game 6 times over the span of a half hour and BINGO! it finally loaded.

[S8] Regina
04-23-15, 04:57 PM
Sorry to hear about that! When you start a session, make sure you have force closed since your previous session and that you have a stable internet connection. If you continue to experience these errors, please email support@storm8.com so they can take a look at your account. Thank you!

08-04-15, 02:03 PM
Happening again! On regular Bingo - not Christmas.

Went to do the latest "Find all the letters in 24 hours" goal but all I get is "Loading" across each bingo area. I hard close all my apps when I am done with them so I guess I'll just go back and try to delete an re-upload a few times to see if that fixes it.