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04-21-15, 11:33 AM
Am I the only one experiencing those annoying rollbacks today. Out of nothing, the game crashes and suddenly no dragons are breeding, silver you've already collected (collect again), harvest food twice... Really annoying. TL must do something about this

04-21-15, 11:37 AM
If you're sure that you're on a good connection (home wifi), then be sure to report it in the bug/glitch forum. If you are on 4G or public wifi, it's probably your connection that's doing it.

04-21-15, 11:50 AM
Game was crashing since some hrs but I m kind of used to to it

[S8] Elsa
04-21-15, 11:52 AM
Can you let us know more about what happens when the game crashes and how often do you experience the crashing? Any details you can provide will help us investigate this further.

04-21-15, 01:42 PM
Played 3 times today and on all 3 occasions it occured: already collected silver. Went to harvest crops and all my habitats were showing one by one to collect silver again. Same thing when breeding: the breed was ready and in nest. 2 min later, the dragons were back on the den telling me they are ready. Had roll backs in the past, but never this often

04-21-15, 01:49 PM
Happened to me several times this morning. One was after I lost a battle, so I got to retry it, so that was the only plus.

04-21-15, 04:10 PM
Every single game I play by this company (Fashion Story, Restaurant Story 1 & 2, Bakery Story, Pet Shop Story, Dragon Story, and Castle Story.) has been doing this INCESSANTLY for the past few days, essentially for the duration of the special quests in DS, CS, and RS2. All throughout my play, time rolls back and repeals harvests, commands, etc. Sometimes I have to cue every oven or harvest every coin 3, 4, 5 times in a row before it finally 'takes' and stops resetting. Popping up the social window does nothing. No other apps I play are acting up.

04-22-15, 02:00 AM
The rollbacks have rendered this game useless to me. Literally everything I do resets and is undone the next time I open the game - every single time! Put some dragons in the breeder? Nope, not breeding! Planted crops? Nope, not growing! Fought a battle? Nope, it's rolled back, 0 wins!

The other games I mentioned above have become irritating, needing to do everything over and over, but at least stuff eventually happens. But in Dragon Story it doesn't matter how many times I do the same things, it just goes back and goes back, nothing I've done has progressed for over 24 hours. The time still counts down on the quest though, THAT doesn't reset..

04-22-15, 10:01 AM
Immediately after yesterday's update I had some problems like this .. every time I put a pair of dragons into the breeding den they danced around for a minute and then disappeared. I force quit the application and restarted it, and everything was fine.

04-22-15, 10:22 AM
Most of TL games have roll backs. It has to do with lag / latency issues. It is quick random I have found.