View Full Version : Gifting neighbors since new update..

04-19-15, 09:12 AM
Since the new update I can only gift jewels to my neighbors! Not to mention I can only see the game in landscape mode. The suggestions I've read on other threads don't work for me. Please fix this, it's very annoying!

04-19-15, 09:27 AM
There is a tread in the big board.

Now if you want to change the gift:
1) Visit the neighbor
2) Gift from the neighbor button

PS: I can only send silver ore to my neighbors through the news menu.

04-19-15, 09:38 AM
You don't have to go to the neighbors place just go to your neighbors list and sent,,, you just can't use the ones the neighbors have sent to you , but I been going to there kingdoms any way .. Since I visit any ways

04-19-15, 06:22 PM
There are already duplicate threads of this in the Bugs Forum. Please check there for further details. Thank you.