View Full Version : ~ Missing Vanilla? ~

04-16-15, 06:11 AM
I recently got to level 24, where the Mastery spice craft & mission is unlocked.
Twice I have planted in my garden, confirmed Vanilla is what was growing in the plot, and left the game for things to do as they do.
I came back, the plots were grown, but in place of the Vanilla, was Ginger, twice.
I'd really like to have some Vanilla :(

04-16-15, 08:41 AM
And you're positive it was Vanilla growing? You clicked on the plot and it said "Vanilla" with an 8 hour timer? I'm only asking because Ginger and Vanilla are identical when planted, so unless you actually clicked on the plot and it stated it was Vanilla growing, it very well could've been Ginger with a 2 hour turn-around.

If that is the case then next time click on the plot and take a screen shot of the Vanilla growing and then when you go back in and it's Ginger again, take another screen shot of it. Then post them or submit them directly to support@teamlava so they can check your game.