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04-10-15, 04:50 AM
Whyy is it that i cant sell the floor tiles and wallpapers that i dont use anymore? How can i sell it?

04-10-15, 08:29 AM
You can't sell wallpaper and floor tiles? You've got to be kidding me. Why would you make them SO expensive to purchase in-game and make so many missions that require spending ALL your money to get them, if old ones can't be sold? It claims on the description of the game, you can make the bakery of your dreams, but in order to even level up and get experience, you have to fill your bakery with random various unmatching[]to do anything. You guys should really fix this issue or stop making wallpaper/floor tile goals. There no reason all items can't be sold.

[S8] Elsa
04-10-15, 10:01 AM
Wallpaper and floor tiles are not sellable in the game. This is by design. You can place wallpaper or floor tiles over other floor tiles and it will move the current ones to storage. :)

04-20-15, 06:39 AM
Often times during goals you can purchase whatever wall paper you want and it will count. The wording matters if it says "buy" you have to buy that specific one but if it says "have" you can purchase any that you want. Often the first page of goals will indicate this option here on the forums.