View Full Version : Stormy Missing

04-09-15, 12:22 AM
Stormy has disappeared from my nbr list! Please help!!!

04-09-15, 03:03 AM
Sorry about that! Stormie was redecorating his Forest, but he's back now! :)

04-09-15, 11:32 AM
Thank you for letting me know, FrozenTurtle! Thought I had accidentally deleted him!😱

04-09-15, 12:23 PM
... and I tought I was losing my mind not being able to find him lol. Thanks for bringing him back to us. :)

ETA: It's good to see the chocolate rabbit in Stormie's forest. But I had been hoping he'd have some more animals in the easter habitat. The odds were stacked too heavily against me being able to breed the chocobunny and I was hoping there would be some other easter animals in Stormie's park to give me a reason to buy the habitat. But as it stands, there's no way I'm buying it if I have nothing easter to put in it despite over 20 tries. :(