View Full Version : Three stars unachievable

04-07-15, 11:12 PM
The following levels have unrealistic high scores making achieving 2nd place and 3 stars unachievable.

Could you take a look? I have achieved three stars in every level until these few so I'm not exactly a beginner.

I've spent dozens of attempts on these and believe it's not possible, I'd be interested to see if anyone else has achieved 3 stars on these levels.

Level 365 .... My highest 153,050 ...... Need 264,000
Level 367 .....My highest 210,500 ...... Need 251,000
Level 368 .....My highest 157,212 ...... Need 443,000
Level 384 .... My highest 198,125 ...... Need 391,900

Thanks and regards.

04-17-15, 01:15 PM

These high scores are too high for this level.

05-18-15, 12:32 PM
Level 421 ..... I've got first place with 326,625 but still won't give me three stars.
Level 422 ..... My highest is 100k but you need almost 400k for first place.

In fact, any level where you need to extinguish Fire is almost impossible to get over 150k due to the limited nature of the level.

Any other players managed to achieve three stars in these levels I've listed?