View Full Version : App update 1.7 - Sync issues

04-07-15, 01:42 AM
Ever since I updated today to the newer version of the app, my game is now always going out of sync. It's not on my end, but the app/server end.

It's getting a tad annoying...

04-07-15, 10:32 AM
Sorry to hear about that! We were able to play the Salmon Sushi that you had available. Could you let us know if you are still having issues placing your food? Please let us know!

04-07-15, 12:45 PM
In the last hour, it has happened twice.
Out of all the games I've played under Teamlava this is a first for an issue.


04-07-15, 02:47 PM
We're seeing some syncing issues with your counters. Do you have enough space when you put the food out?