View Full Version : Was NO longer able to buy Candy hatchery before reset

04-06-15, 12:08 AM
I was trying to buy the limited time stove on both RS & BS about 30minutes b4 game clock reset. Everything was fine with rest story but CANDY HATCHERY was NO longer able to be bought 25min till the clock reset. I had 10 but was hoping the get the remainder 8.

Is it normal for that to happen BEFORE thge clock resets?? I only ask because a similar thing happened when holiday drink mixer was a LTO earlier this year.
TY 4 any info

LOL. I guess will have to start setting alarm an hour or 2 before game clock resets... :-(

04-06-15, 01:35 AM
It's normal to have the timer run out before it should. It happens to people for goals a lot.

kooky panda
04-06-15, 10:00 AM
You can try emailing support@teamlava.com for assistance since the appliance was removed early.