View Full Version : Color of Stage?

04-05-15, 08:06 AM
How do I tell what the "color" of a Stage is, so I can choose the best team?

04-05-15, 07:34 PM
Supposedly when you click on the stage and before you hit play, in the top right of the box it shows the gems that are used in that stage, but I've found many stages that either leave things out, or have the incorrect ones listed. For instance, there were a few that didn't advise they had those black holes of doom, or that there would be a light box in the stage when there really wasn't. Once I realized it had/didn't have those things, before I played the stage again, I'd trade my pet pal for the appropriate one. Some stages have the correct/all information listed, while others are messed up and you just have to hope you have the pals necessary.

I've basically just made sure that the first time I enter a stage, I have one of each color available (I can only have 4 pals at a time right now), so a blue, yellow, green, and red pal to enter with me.

04-06-15, 09:35 AM
I've noticed they're not always correct too!

04-06-15, 02:39 PM
It does seem that the ones that are incorrect are all the same. Perhaps the ones that have the vortexes are the only ones changed?

04-06-15, 03:48 PM
As long as you do not start playing, you can restart the level after checking for requirements! Just hit pause button in upper right, then select the restart game button in pause screen.(I think it is first button.) This only works if you have NOT MADE ANY MOVES! If you try this after making a move, it will prompt you that you will lose a turn if you restart!

04-06-15, 03:58 PM
Oh, thanks for that information!!! I'm going to try to log the stages where I find the gems outside either leave off information or have the incorrect information, if anyone already recalls which stages had them, can you list them and then maybe we can ask TL to make the changes to the front page of the stage to show the applicable information?

04-06-15, 04:41 PM
If you have the wrong pets, you can back out of the stage before you start playing by pressing the pause button and then hitting the arrow/door icon to back out and re-choose which pet you want.

06-02-15, 11:09 PM
Using The "pause" symbol in the top right corner of the screen, then choosing the far left button on the pause screen to exit the stage works on almost every stage EXCEPT stage 43, which forces the player to make two mandatory/tutorial moves as soon as the stage is displayed on screen.