View Full Version : Sparkly white stars

04-02-15, 10:37 PM
Can someone tell me if they know how to get those sparky little stars? I get a few every now and again and then they disappear. When I visit other restaurants I've noticed quite a few have them. Is there something I have to do to have them all the time? They make the restaurant look so nice.


04-03-15, 04:20 AM
I think you're talking about RS 2, this is RS 1. In RS 2 when someone leaves you a tip, it will show as the little white stars. Once you click on the table in your place, it will make them go away as they've now been collected. Same will happen in other places, once that person claims their tips, they go away allowing more people to place more tips on their table. When you go to other people's places you should sometimes see little red hearts, those are tables that have yet had a tip left on them. You click the red hearts and leave that person a tip. It doesn't come out of your coin total, so there's no harm in clicking the hearts.