View Full Version : DS will no longer connect!?

04-01-15, 01:31 AM
Hello. I have been using my android phone's hotspot to connect to the internet and play Dragon Story on my tablet, and it was working for a few weeks, but when I tried to open the app last night it was stuck on the loading screen for a while and then the message about not being connected popped up. I tried again and again to no avail, just the same thing. I tried reinstalling it twice, and have restarted both devices countless times. I have another Dragon Story on my phone that started doing the same thing at the same time. Weird thing is, all my apps and the browsers and everything BESIDES DS works fine, DS is the only one that wont connect. But when I went to the library and used their wifi instead, DS worked fine on both devices. You'd think that maybe my mobile data was too slow to power DS, but it worked fine before, and its not the connection itself because like I said, DS is the only app having this issue. I play How to Train your Dragon, and even other Storm8 games with no problem using this connection. I just had DS working a half hour prior to this issue, and I hadn't made any changes in between. The last thing I did on the game was buy gold, and it was the first time I had done so. One more thing.. i transferred my DS island to a different device temporarily to see if it worked, and before I transferred it back, I tried opening the app again on my tablet and it worked, with a brand new island. So I switched my island back to the tablet, hoping the issue had been resolved, opened DS and boom, disconnected. Weird that I can play when its a new game but not on my storm8 account game.

FYI my Storm8 ID is sneakykittie
I play on an android samsung galaxy
I also have another account on my LG android phone, stormID is feistykittie

Any idea on how this issue can be resolved? Cus if I cant use my mobile data to play then I won't be able to play. Perhaps it has something to do with my google play store account being the same on both devices, despite having two different stormIDs? Sorry if Im not the best at explaining things. Thank you

04-01-15, 10:57 AM
I'm sorry to hear about this issue! Have you tried closing all the open background apps on your devices? This may free up some resources and improve the performance of your game. Please also try re-installing Dragon Story on your devices. Let us know if you still experience problems after re-installing the game. :)