View Full Version : What to upgrade

03-27-15, 03:37 PM
I'm at level 41, my general, butcher, veggie and seafood markets are all at level 3 and my fruit is still at level 1 (don't see a need to upgrade that yet as apples are just an hour)

My tool box is getting full.... What should I upgrade next??

Thanks for your input!

03-28-15, 04:22 AM
I upgraded the veggie shop, then the meat, then the general store, and then the seafood shop, based on what I always seemed to be waiting on, and it worked out well for me. As you advance in the game, keep in mind that you'll need lots of pantry space for new ingredients, and your restaurant needs to be expanded to level 14 to unlock the final recipes. Hope this helps!

03-28-15, 07:40 AM
Yes! Thank you. My resturant is only at Level 9...I would have been irritated if I made it to the final level and then had to wait for 5 resturant expansions