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03-27-15, 03:00 PM
How will you be welcoming spring this year? Help Stormie decorate for the season and join us in creating some bunny-hopping decor! Grab an egg to decorate or create your own, and craft the most festive masterpiece to share with the rest of the community!



Decorate your own version of a springtime arts & craft egg!
You can use any non-digital medium you would like. Want to decorate a real egg or make it out of marshmallows? Go wild and use whatever material you want!
If you want to decorate a blank egg on paper, you can download this Egg Template (http://i.imgur.com/T3SGEJx.png).

Three prizes will be awarded for each, Staff Favorite and Most Unique Material, for a total of six prizes.
All content must be forum appropriate (Forum Rules and Policies (http://forums.storm8.com/forumdisplay.php?6-Forum-Rules-amp-Policies)).
All submissions must feature some portions which are ORIGINAL.
The three best submissions for each judging element (Staff Favorite and Most Unique Material), which follow all of the rules, will win!
To submit your arts & crafts egg, take a picture of your masterpiece and upload the file to imgur (www.imgur.com) or another image hosting website.
Your entry must include your Storm8 ID and your favorite game (this is where your Gems or Gold will be awarded if you win).
Your entry must be posted as a reply to this thread no later than Friday, April 3 by 12pm PST.
There is a limit of ONE entry per player.


There will be six winners, as described above, who will win a $4.99 USD package of Gems or Gold in a game of their choice.
You can select only one game to receive the Gems or Gold.

Good luck everyone!

03-29-15, 05:36 PM
My entry isn't really a single 'egg'. I guess I didn't read the info properly... Well I'll just post it anyway since I worked quite hard on it, it's a bit lame so feel free to laugh - I know I did! :D


LonePudding - Dragon Story

03-30-15, 11:01 AM
The kid's imagination was tickled at least  Who lives inside the egg house?? Rope ladder made from matches, flowers from paper and lentils, and easter eggs from home made play-doh.


Alexlinnea - Bakery Story

03-31-15, 01:28 PM
I made a hand drawn paint splatter, hello kitty egg! :) happy spring! :)

Kelskelss - bakery story

04-01-15, 01:01 AM
Hi, my bunny got a pendant of easter egg attached to its negglace. Please take a look at

You won't have a heart to devour them , hihihi...
Game: Restaurant story
Storm ID: mie_nyuk

04-02-15, 06:59 AM
I made a wool sweater for the egg! I work hard on it :) I roll the paper to make him stand.
Oops..I'm so sorry the pic turn upside down...

My ID: Lenkapon
Favorite game: Fashion Story

04-02-15, 08:39 AM
Used part of an egg carton as a template for this Egg. Made these lovely pink paper flowers from crepe streamer paper and glued them together. Added a couple of slightly larger flowers for decor. :) Happy Spring and Happy Easter!


ID: yeahitsami
Favorite Game: Restaurant Story

04-03-15, 06:31 AM
I made a drawing representing spring symbols/time. I drew flowers, branches, a bird, fences and made an origami butterfly. Happy Spring.


Storm ID: Francys08
My favorite game: Restaurant Story

04-03-15, 06:59 AM
this is for my baby's kindergarten. :o
storm ID:karyandfashion
game:bakery story

04-03-15, 09:00 AM
http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll40/MoeGrillin/20150402_092413-1_zps4y7vksuy.jpg (http://s284.photobucket.com/user/MoeGrillin/media/20150402_092413-1_zps4y7vksuy.jpg.html)

Made an egg tree!
Storm id irishbaker3
game bakery story

04-03-15, 10:39 AM
Ooops almost didn't make it to this contest! XD
Here's my Easter Egg Bunny with a pink belly sporting pink bunny ears headband because she can't grow them *laughs quietly*
Happy Easter!


Storm8 ID: PepperWoo
Favorite Game: Bakery Story

04-03-15, 05:55 PM
Hello everyone!

Here are the winners for the Spring Egg Decorating Contest!

Staff Favorite


Most Unique Material


Please give them your congrats. We look forward to your submissions for the next contest! Happy Spring!

04-03-15, 06:57 PM
I actually won!!! Wow!! Thank you so much!!! And congrats to everyone else too!!

04-03-15, 07:48 PM
I'm very glad that I won, when I opened my restaurant and i saw the gems added up I was surprised and I said I won the contest. Congratulations to all the winners.Happy Easter and spring. Thank you.

04-03-15, 11:42 PM
What an early Easter surprise!!! Thank you so much TL! :o

04-04-15, 02:15 AM
Everyone did great job! So sad...I lose lol :))

04-04-15, 08:08 AM
Congratulations everyone

07-04-15, 01:34 AM
I want a summer events one congrats