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03-27-15, 01:39 PM
Anyone out there having issues with Master Spice not giving you the "star" increases that it's supposed to. I've tried mastering spaghetti & meatballs for the last week by using the Master Spice and the "star" level does not increase as it is supposed to. I am still at 0-stars!!!

The same goes for other dishes that I've tried using the Master Spice on... any suggestions?

kooky panda
03-27-15, 01:52 PM
Note: When it says you get a star , it does not mean you complete the first of the three masteries.
It means you will get one baby star.

For example on my orange juice I have not gotten my 1st mastery star yet. I need 75 baby stars to master the 1 star.
I have 25 out of 75 so my next serving will change to 26 out of 75. If I use my master spice
it will change to 27 out of 75.

http://i1273.photobucket.com/albums/y416/kookypanda99/9d992527-c101-4e67-a582-0d878be75d2d_zpsbkprvlkx.png (http://s1273.photobucket.com/user/kookypanda99/media/9d992527-c101-4e67-a582-0d878be75d2d_zpsbkprvlkx.png.html)

03-29-15, 10:30 AM
You will notice that you receive two gold stars when you serve the dish ie baby stars

04-03-15, 01:47 PM
One gold star if you serve the dish two gold stars if you serve the dish with the mastery spice... How is that?