View Full Version : Farm Story Valentine's Day Edition

02-07-11, 04:13 PM
For those who do not know, the Valentine's Day Edition of Farm Story is now available in the App Store.

This version is not available for Android devices.

02-07-11, 04:18 PM
Hi Norman. I downloaded, but no quests. I went thru the whole turn off and back on, still no quests. Delete, reinstall, on, off, still no quests. Are you guys aware and working on?

02-19-11, 09:18 AM
my original farmstory and the vday edition used to be mirror images of eachother. lately though if i modify on either one, the changed element doesn't reflect on the original farm and vice verse. As of right now I wasted gems on white roses in the vday edition that are not even showing up on the original farm story. It shows up as unplowed green earth that is unmodifiable.
anyone having the same bug?
thx ~KB80

03-14-11, 03:51 AM
Norman, can we delete the valentines editions now?

03-19-11, 10:42 AM
Downloaded it ages ago. Hated it. Deleted it.

Too much **** was added to the game. Made it move really slow and glitchy. Now you've made these changes to the newest update? How could you ruin the game like that. Why would you "fix" something that wasn't broken. Now it's broken. I hate the new update. Put it back.