View Full Version : Level 389

03-25-15, 06:42 AM
I am getting no where even close to successfully completing level 389.. Can anyone give me any tips?

03-26-15, 05:34 PM
This is a tricky level! You'll definitely want to focus on clearing only the Yellow and Blue Candies first. It will also help if you make Blue and Yellow matches next to the Goop covered Rock Candy - the Rock Candy will take the Yellow and Blue colors if you match next to them, giving you even more Yellow and Blue candies. Try clearing the bottom of the level first to make yourself plenty of room for big matches. Also, if you get a Yellow or Blue Gobbler, make sure to take them out right away to prevent them from eating the candies you need. You can also try leaving the other colored Gobblers in-game, as they'll help eat the candies you don't need.

Good luck, mmshel29th! You can do it! :D