View Full Version : i lost my tournament dragon!!! :(

03-23-15, 08:56 AM
Yesterday I won the whole tournament, spending over 200gold, because i reaally wanted the metal type(Darksteel), I even prepared him new habitat... Today I can't find him anywhere.

First thought: storage. Only my Snap dragon(love it anyways)
Second thought: maybe I should craft it? (I've never won tournment before so I don't know) So no. I got only 33 plasmas, so no.
Third: In market for free??

Is it bug? If I can't have him back I'll be very sad, I was so excited yesterday...
Unfortunately I don't have any screens from yesterday when I got him.

HELP!!! :(

kooky panda
03-23-15, 09:40 AM
Try restarting your game or device, then check your storage again.
If he is still missing, please send an email to support@teamlava.com for assistance in finding the little rascal!