View Full Version : Request to TL- Add the ability to gift parts and spices!

03-22-15, 12:47 PM
I loved BS because you gifted parts to Nbrs that helped with goals. It created a community environment and ppl loved the Nbr network. There isn't a sense of community with this game as the who, what and when you gift is completely confusing. IMO, TL would do better to stop gouging and alienating the players with ridiculous market prices and recipe changes and add the ability to gift parts and spices to NBRs. It would make the game more fun, build a NBR network and relieve the frustration of the arbitrary recipe chges, price gouging and erratic appearance of the stalkers Cid and Lily!

03-23-15, 10:42 AM
Thanks for your suggestions! We'll pass this to our development team. :)