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03-18-15, 07:57 AM
With the new Update and the need of more Items for receipes and longer cooking times i was thinking about some Ideas which could be added.

- Mastering a Receipe to 3 Stars gives 1 Coin more per Serving.

- Upgrading General Store, Butcher, Veggie Market, etc reduces also refresh Time of Food you can buy.

- Upgradeable Appliances which reduces cooking Time of Dishes.

- The Option to sell unwanted Decoration - like these Windows i had to buy for several Quests.

- A Market for Neighbours where we can sell/buy Items from the Pantry and Toolbox. So having more Neighbours gives a sense now. Figured out i can only send 3 Gifts every day, so i deleted all other Neighbours.

- A third Tab for Herbs only, as they are taking now too much space in the Pantry.

- A Fridge, where we can storage (and stuck) 3 Dishes if all Counters are full. Option to upgrade with Gems or Parts.

I think there are a few Ideas more coming up, and hopefully the one or other can be improved to the Game. 😊

(Edit) - Would be nice if the Spice Station has a few Slots for ready Spices. Without having all Items in our Pantry 😉

03-18-15, 02:16 PM
All great ideas but you are talking to a brick wall here. So I wouldn't get my hopes up about any of them.

03-18-15, 03:58 PM
Very good ideas here.

10-04-15, 07:52 AM
Great ideas

10-07-15, 01:07 PM
Yes, yes, yes! Put some of these suggestions into play!

10-14-15, 10:12 PM
Great ideas!

04-03-16, 02:48 AM
Posted a year ago, no feedback from storm8 which is the least they could do, I've paid good money to get along in the game but tempted to give up now

04-07-16, 03:33 PM
My +1 to the grat ideas that will continue to be ignored by S8..... :P

And some more ideas:

- Less events, more contents! :K

- A 'next' button to make visiting friends easier

- Make S* account go to the end of the list like everybody else after being visited