View Full Version : Servers serving empty tables and areas beyond

03-17-15, 05:11 PM
It seems that EVERYTIME I leave to go visit restaurants that've visited me or I leave the game to go do "everyday" things when I return until my tables fill up again my servers will take items to my empty tables or walk to where's an empty space and give it to I don't know who. W having 3 servers we're talking about quite a few plates being "wasted" and not paid for. Naturally the food's not still on the table when a guest finally sits there.
The servers r also going down my rows stopping and the food disappears. It's like a ghost is taking the plate from them, eating it and not paying for it.
I've gotten to the pt of not wanting to leave since I know that when I return this is what'll happen.
I've tried all the normal fixes and nothing works. This problem's gotta b fixed or I'll b constantly running out of food. I never seem to b able to get ahead in this game.

Help please.

03-18-15, 12:05 PM
Hey there! I took a look at this and it seems like when you go and visit a neighbor and there are customers who are sitting who haven't been served yet, when you come back from the neighbors (even though the customers have disappeared) your waiter will still serve them. It may seem like you are losing plates of food but the servers are just catching up to the customers before you visited your neighbor. You should be receiving the Coins for that plate of food even though no one is sitting there anymore. :) Hope that clears up any confusion.

03-18-15, 12:45 PM
Thx Sparklyoctopus. As long as I'm getting the coins for the dishes being served to "ghosts" then that's ok w me.