View Full Version : Help. Made Green Spice then Disappeared

03-17-15, 10:24 AM
I was happy to receive enough shamrocks to make another green spice. When I was notified it was completed I clicked it and somewhere between the spice rack and the oven it got lost. I had all the necessary ingredients to make the Irish Trifle b4 I ground the spice so I'd only been waiting on that. I went to cook the trifle and much to my surprise the spice was missing.

I want my Green Spice back. This challenge is winding down and Liam is getting very stingy w the shamrocks.


03-17-15, 10:39 AM
Hey there. We've taken a look and it seems like you have a Green Spice on your account. Could you double check?

03-17-15, 11:26 AM
Thx. Found it there this time. Not sure where'd it disappeared to but it wasn't sho up onu pantry.
Thx Sparklyoctopus