View Full Version : How to unlock Sabina's castle?

03-16-15, 07:54 AM
So I have the "Who is the Plume Queen?" quest, and one of the tasks is to 'Visit Sabina's Castle.' I don't have her house yet, but when I go to buildings in the marketplace, it says Sabina's house is "Locked by Goal." How do I open this building so I can construct it???

I'm very confused!

03-16-15, 08:04 AM

There is a whole goal chain in reference to her that you'll have to complete first.

03-16-15, 08:42 AM
Okay, but I already did those things! Sabina is free and is mincing around my kingdom in her pretty little dress, but her house is still locked!!!

:confused: :confused:

03-16-15, 08:59 AM

If you keep scrolling down you'll notice that there is another set of goals that unlocks her house. There must be a goal you haven't completed yet and that is why her house is still locked.

What goals are showing in your quest box right now?

03-16-15, 09:08 AM
OH I didn't get the Heart of the Sands yet! Thank you so much!

03-16-15, 09:53 AM
No problem. I know how hard it is to try to follow the goals when you're not sure what the step is that you're missing to continue on. I'm constantly double checking myself so that I'm prepared. :)