View Full Version : 1 Row of Tables and Chairs being IGNORED AT TIMES

03-14-15, 08:15 PM
It seems that at times I've got 1 row, 7-8 tables and chairs, that my servers R ignoring. I've checked to make sure there's nothing blocking the path behind them and it's clear.i watched it for a period of 5 mins today and the guests just sat there. The servers were taking care of the 2 other rows behind the but not them.what really irked meThe 1st time I saw this was Liam and lily were both sitting there. I finally forced closed the game to get things back to normal.
This isn't happening all of the time but enough toget frustrating. It seems to only happen when I return to the place after either visiting ️Nbrs or leaving the game entirely.

[S8] Walt
03-16-15, 03:15 PM
Sorry about that. It is possible that these customers have already been served and you are experiencing a display issue. We suggest to continue force closing the game to help resolve these issues.