View Full Version : How long does it take for the special clients to come in to the restaurant?

03-12-15, 01:13 PM
I've heard its 30 min for the construction guy. But how long for the herbs girls and the St. Patricks chars?

Thank you...

03-12-15, 02:19 PM
Yes, 30 generally for Sid the contruction guy, for herbs..
Well, she is a mysterious one but I do notice she does pop in more frequent than she has in the past (atleast in my game) but she just comes and goes when she pleases...

Liam, our little Irish man is a little debatable, yesterday was every 30 mins, today became every hour until we learned it completely varies. He might come sooner or much later. You just have to keep checking on your game but I would not expect him under an hour (Liam). Hope this helps! Good luck on your goals. This one doesn't seem too bad. Utilize mastery spice when you get to the goal that asks you to use your spices on his dishes. Personally, I'd use it for the mint trifle as it requires sugar (3) plus and additional sugar for the spice making it 4, and 3 creams and flour.. Restocks slower, you can get a second star mastery in mint trifle giving you another free green spice using it 4 times ( mastery spice). Then you completed half of the next goal after which asks you to get a second star in mint trifle.

But everyone has different strategies! ;-)

03-12-15, 03:11 PM
CID is every 30 minutes.
Lilly is every 60 minutes or there about.
Liam, well in my game he shows up about ever 1 - 2 hours since the beginning and has only dropped two or three at each appearance, others have had different times/quantities.

03-14-15, 06:37 PM
Liam's really frustrating me. Today's only needed 2 more shamrocks to make the green spice so I could cook the last Irish trifle to get the 2nd mastery lvl w it and after waiting 1 1/2 hrs he only drops 1. I couldn't believe it. All the other times it's been 3-6 shamrocks. It then took another 2 hrs to get the last 1 I needed. I sure hope TL decreases this time span soon or I'll never have enough to complete this challenge.
I wonder what'll happen after this time period, 9 days left I believe,and we don't to need them to allow us to completely master all the recipes. I tried to figure out how many I was gonna need and my mind just went crazy.isure hope to won't expect us to pay real money for them.

03-16-15, 03:50 PM
I've heard its 30 min for the construction guy. But how long for the herbs girls and the St. Patricks chars?

Thank you...

I have actually had no trouble with Liam, he has come at about the same rate as vid and regularly dropped his goodies. I finished the final mastery this morning but have been glued to my iPad since I started playing the game about a week ago. Im terribly addicted to this type of game and glad to finally find one for iPad. It may make me uograde to a full size tablet if my cataract urgery diesnt go well next week lol