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03-11-15, 08:50 PM
I'm new to the game and was wondering how my kingdom compares to others of my level. (I am level 21) and am 9 trade tickets from the tinker camp. I also expect to complete the pink alicorn quest by level 22. I have all buildings (at least the foundation) for my level, and have thurston, ivy, and thomas.
Am I doing ok? What accomplishments have you all done by this level?

03-11-15, 10:53 PM
Sounds like you're right on track! It's a very subjective question as levels don't necessarily mean progress. You need to be a certain level to open different goals and resources, but there are variables. For example whether you play with gems, how much time you spend playing, whether you visit neighbours for your social rating and xp points.

Don't be distressed by not many reply posts, there is too much anticipation going on for the update.

For me level 20 was nearly 2 years ago, so don't remember what I had! Keep working on what's in your book and have fun playing... That's what counts. :)

03-12-15, 12:34 AM
As SW stated, it highly depends on your play style. For example on my primary I was fast as I focused on quests, on my mini I just play (I haven't done a quest in weeks, except timed) and I am at level 45. There I am light years away from having done all the quests (Sinsiter Sister, Goodess Tree, Fortune, etc).

03-12-15, 12:51 AM
I am currently on level 27 and am taking my own sweet time with the quests...enjoy the game as it goes...it's absolutely ok to do little as long as ur enjoying the gameplay..