View Full Version : Green Spice in Butcher Shop

03-11-15, 11:16 AM
I just had the option to choose green spice as an item in the butcher. Weird thing was that I could select an infinite amount at a time (i stocked x20). Then when I logged out, the option was gone. Was this intentional?

03-11-15, 11:47 AM
Sorry about that! The leprechauns are doing some mischievous things right now and are tricking players.

03-11-15, 11:55 AM
Wow, I am truly struggling to find Liam (have had the game open for hours, and I mean hours), getting paltry drops of two at a time, and now there is/was a glitch that allowed users to bypass this agony?????


03-11-15, 01:24 PM
It'll help to log out once in awhile. He comes almost immediately after logging back in, about every 30 mins for me. But yeah, wish that glitch would've lasted a little longer.