View Full Version : Lvl 44 challenge - 75 red jewels through portals

03-10-15, 04:54 PM
Could this be a mistake?
The thread about it still has no answer that anyone got it.
Maybe tl meant different number not 75?

Next portal challenges requires 25,5, 4 , 10, 15 jewels but not 75!!!
It's impossible to do it in less than 1,5 min, can TL double check?
I really want to pass this challenge (for 3 months now)) and move on:)

03-10-15, 07:09 PM
It is possible to complete this Challenge by continuously making combinations in the middle part of the board to allow Jewels to go through the 4 Portals. Blasting Jewels are very useful to remove large amounts of Jewels and throw more through the Portal. Hope this helps!

03-11-15, 02:05 PM
I do that and end up finishing level too fast. Also, combinations not always in the middle ((
Thanks anyway dear:), I guess i ll leave that challenge open:(