View Full Version : I want Themes more Global

03-09-15, 09:26 AM
Hello, Storm8 games are played by people all over the world but your themes allways refer to U.S.A. festivities, or sometimes from Europe. So all players must decor with articules that refers to Halloween, Action day, St. Patrick, Super bowl, etc., and when in your games is Winter in many places of the world is Summer!

Personally all the themes that I mentioned before means nothing to me, because in my country there are not such festivities or events.

I would like you to create themes more common all over the world like you already do with Xmas., Easter, Winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer, Carnival and things like these. Because I really feel uncomfortable decorating with stuff that refers to things I don't understand or share. Regards.

10-19-15, 02:13 PM
I agree there should be more global holidays observed. There are many countries that have their own festivities that are also very exciting, and being from the USA I would love to see other country's holidays and festivals.

For example:
Holy Week
Cinco de Mayo
D?a de los Muertos

Everyone should contribute to this list if they are from a different country other than the United States. Having examples will help facilitate discussions and possible consideration from the Storm8 team.