View Full Version : No system reset at midnight! can not request parts!

03-09-15, 12:48 AM
I tried sending requests for oven parts and it says I already sent them today....which I did not do. This was about 12:30 am. I think they did not program the time change for daylight savings to take place! which is really frustrating for me, I started late on the valentines day goals, and am desperately trying to finish by tomorrow afternoon. Every chance to request the parts for the ovens, to make one more oven and one more recipe, is needed desperately for me to finish on time. I know that when you request parts two times in one day, it sort of bottlenecks the requests, so now I know that even when the system resets at what I am presuming will be 1 am instead of 12 am..... and I send out requests, they will not go through until after tomorrow. Maybe they could extend the goals by one day?