View Full Version : Y do I have to wait to upgrade?

03-05-15, 07:10 PM
Y must I wait until I reach LVL 30 b4 I'm able to upgrade further? It's so hard completing more then 1 recipe on multiple appliances at the same time. Now w the tomato sauce needing onions also I might as well forget cooking any pizzas for a long long time. Only being allowed 4 of anyone ingredient at a time is ridiculous.

Help I'm stuck in the land between 27 and 30.What advice do u give me for recipes w high xps? I've repaired all available buildings, 7 garden plots, 8 market slots, all appliances including mixer and pizza oven and working on expansion 7.
Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

03-05-15, 10:16 PM
Well, this is what you need to upgrade veggie market to x5... At level 41 I'm still surviving on x4... However I'm seriously working on upgrading to x5 soon with this new version!