View Full Version : Unable to download latest version of game

03-05-15, 12:08 AM
Each time I start RS2 I am told I am playing an unsupported version and I should download the latest version. When I go to the App Store, the game entry doesn't say Update, but just Open.

So I deleted the game and downloaded it again. When I open it, I am told again that I am playing an unsupported version. I have done this 3 times and just can't seem to get a version I can play.

What can I do to fix this?

03-05-15, 04:23 AM
the Valentine's version isn't working anymore. The newest version is Restaurant Story 2 version 1.6

Restaurant Story 2 by Storm8 Studios LLC

kooky panda
03-05-15, 08:47 AM
Search in iTunes app store Storm8studios , scroll down and you should see Restaurant Story 2. It is the regular game.