View Full Version : Um really? Vanilla for Creme Brulee!?

03-04-15, 09:38 PM
So 2 vanillas (a total of 16 hours) for a 40 minute dish that gives a total of $1,100?? We didn't think this one all the way through did we Storm 8 / TL / whoever makes the game..

What makes this worse is that Creme Brulee was the only chateau oven recipe that I can make on a regular basis (until expansion 14 I think). One takes 2 ginger and the other 3 strawberries.

Also, I now seem to have vanilla plaguing the garden plots. 8 hours is just a LITTLE overboard, wouldn't you say? To make this work we either need A LOT more garden plots that don't take insane amounts of shovels and seeds to open or what would make more sense is to give us a choice of what we plant there.

03-04-15, 11:35 PM
We definitely need a choice of what to plant.

03-06-15, 12:49 PM
It looks like they bumped up the servings/money generated for a couple recipes that use the more time-consuming ingredients (osso bucco, lobster bisque, meatloaf) like the 4-hour tomato sauce. Now they just need to do the same for the recipes that call for ginger or vanilla.