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03-03-15, 05:56 PM
Is there a way to start a new account without a second device? I know how to switch between accounts, but it appears the only way to actually start a new one is to have a second device, which seems kind of silly since you can log into more than one account on a given device. I have two kingdoms and my child would like 2 also, but we only have 3 devices.

03-03-15, 06:27 PM
This would be nice to know!

03-03-15, 06:57 PM
Your game is saved on Storm 8 servers and is tied to that device. So each new game has to be started on a different device.

kooky panda
03-04-15, 07:41 AM
Meme is correct, you can only have one storm ID on device and only one game per storm ID.
When you log in and out, you only have access to play the games under one storm ID at a time.