View Full Version : Stable Glitch/moving dragons

03-03-15, 05:30 PM
I'm trying to clear room for a new Champion habitat and was moving dragons from their habitat to the storage temporarily. However it seems once I move a dragon into storage; as soon as I tap another dragon my game crashes. I don't know if the specifics would help, but I've tried moving both a Seer dragon, and a Poetry dragon.

Any support would be great, especially before the tournament ends! Thank you.

Exeroth - Terraphyte
iPhone 5S
iOS 8.1.3

[S8] Elsa
03-03-15, 05:42 PM
Checking your game, it's functioning normally when moving Dragons from the Stable and back to their habitats. If this happens again can you please press the report option if it asks you?

Are you tapping on a specific Dragon after you move the Seer and Poetry?